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Dating a Much Younger Woman

Dating a young girl with daddy isssues

Dating a woman with daddy issues can be a bit of a challenge. This phenomenon rarely affects men in their early twenties, but even in your early to mid-thirties, guys, there is a chance that a girl will see some kind of father figure in you.

Women who are seeking a father figure will go for guys at least 15 years older than them – sometimes finding themselves attracted to men so much older than them that you might even want to call it granddaddy issues!

There is nothing wrong with dating younger women – even much younger women. I’ve covered this topic elsewhere, but not much from the girl’s point of view.

Why do women date a much older man?

Usually, women have several reasons for seeking an older man to go out with. Let’s look at a few of them.

Replacement father

Sometimes a girl has deep-seeded longings for her man to be a replacement for her father. This is the real “dating a girl with daddy issues” scenario. The main reason for this is that she either had such a great relationship with her dad, that only a man who resembles him in some way will be good enough. This could be a physical resemblance, or some other similarity such as your profession, background, even they way you speak. On the other hand, the younger woman you are dating may have the complete opposite scenario – she had no father around when she was little and craves someone to fill that void in her mature years.

Status symbol

If you are a wealthy and successful guy, your age could be but a minor factor when a younger chick decides she wants to be with you. She may be happy to cruise around with an older dude just so she can reap the rewards of your hard work. If you think your chick fits this category, be careful – she might be looking for sex with younger dudes elsewhere.

Sexual experience

Lots of younger women are dissatisfied with the fumbling attempts at sex they encounter with guys their own age. Or maybe these young men are so influenced by porn that they have no idea what a real woman wants in bed. These younger women love the confidence and experience that an older man can bring to keep them satisfied in a sexual way.


Younger women will latch onto an older man out of a sense that the more mature gentlemen can provide them with the security and, most importantly, dependability that younger guys cannot offer.

If you sense that you are dating a younger woman who sees you as a father figure, ask her the reasons for this and see what category she fits into. Critically, if she really loves you and the sex is hot, does it really matter?