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How to Date an Australian Woman

Australian women are among the hottest and sexiest women in the world. If you are an Aussie male, you already know this.

Australian girls love to party and have a good time; Aussie women are about the most uninhibited in the world, and they like to get wild and dirty. Often, this means a sexy good time with a red-blooded male like you.

If you have ever been to the Gold Coast when they hold those car races (Indie cars and super V8s, or whatever the hell they are called), you will know exactly what I mean. Just walking around, looking at the babes in Surfers Paradise dressed in next to nothing is enough to make any guy breathless.

Or just check out the Gold Coast women working as meter maids with their cheeky shorts half way up their arse cracks. Wow! And, when they have had a few drinks (Australian women love a drink, and are fond of cold beer on a hot day), don’t be surprised to see sexy Australian chicks partying on high-rise balconies with their lovely titties out for the world to see!

How to Attract an Australian Woman

The great thing about hot-blooded, horny and sexy Aussie babes, is that they are friendly and generous. Usually – especially in the warmer states like Queensland, where life is more laid back – you can approach a pretty girl and be fairly confident she will at least be courteous and listen to what you have to say. She may not want to go to bed with an ugly prick like you straight away, but be persistent and try the following to make yourself more attractive to her. These are so simple, even a brain-dead tourists could use them!

Tell some funny jokes (rude but not disgusting)
Make an effort with your appearance
Be generous in buying her drinks etc
Pay compliments to her, especially about her looks and witty conversation
If you give your full and undivided attention to your Australian girl that you meet in a bar or somewhere public, the chances are good for a date with her later. Dating Australian women is not rocket science, but if you at least put in a tiny amount of effort, the rewards – including sexual – will be amazing.

How to date an Aussie woman

As for sexy babes for online dating, Australian women have taken to online dating like ducks to water. They love the convenience Australian online dating sites have to offer. Australian dating sites are without a doubt among the best in the world, and offer the best user experiences. They are at least if not better than the best Internet dating sites in the United States, Canada, U.K., New Zealand, or anywhere else in the world.

Some Australian dating sites – like Red Hot Pie and AdultMatchMaker – have introduced online dating features that are so amazingly popular and effective, that the big boys from overseas have copied them.

Australian online dating is big business; Internet dating sites in Australia turn over millions of dollars per year, and employ hundreds of people. They are under the eye of Australian government watchdogs, and therefore they have to behave themselves in a responsible corporate manner.

Aussies and sex life

According to Australian dating website RSVP, Australians are expressing a keen desire for more sex. Especially more sex early in a relationship.

Here’s a rundown of the RSVP Australia sex study findings (from a Yahoo summary):

1. Horny Aussies want to indulge in sex at least three times a day. Not clear from the summary Yahoo story what kind of sex this means. It could be anything from a hand-job, blow-job, normal fucking or up the arse – who knows? I imagine, though, that it means any kind of sex that leads to a lovely orgasm! And who doesn’t want to come more often from sex with a woman than from jerking off to porn? Having pathetic little orgasms in front of your computer screen (Yes! I’m talking to you, mate) can in no way be compared to the absolute joy of a shared orgasm with a turned on and horny woman. It’s what makes life worth living.
2. Only a small percentage are getting the sex they want. Sad! These folks need to hit the Australian adult dating websites – like AdultMatchMaker – that cater to people who have one thing in mind – hooking up online for more sex. Problem solved!
3. Thirty-seven percent of Australians – blokey men and sexy women – consider three to six times a week the best amount of times to be getting their sexual rocks off.
A whopping 46 percent want to be fucking three times a day or more during the first month of a new relationship.
4. Only 16 per cent of people who have a man or a woman in their lives permanently and a measly four per cent of single guys and girls are getting the sex they desire when they want it.
5. Younger people in Australia want to be having sex more often. No shit, Sherlock. That comes as no surprise to anyone, and you could extrapolate this across every country in the world.
More than 90 per cent of Aussies reckon sexual chemistry as “important” when picking a relationship partner.

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