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Dating a single mom

Reasons to date a single mom with small children

1 Pure laziness.

When it comes to doing things the easy way, men are highly skilled experts. Dating a woman who already has small children is the TV dinner version the American dream. Men don’t want to spend 24 hours simmering a pot roast when Swanson makes a “Hungry-Man” meal that’s ready in minutes. So, why would we want to go through nine months of dealing with a woman who has a bun in the oven when there are plenty of single Moms on the market? On second thought, let me change the title of this one from “Pure laziness” to the much more accurate, “Pure genius”.

2 Attraction to “Mommy” behavior.

Women act differently when they’re around kids, they smile more and laugh and just seem more casual and approachable. This is what men really want, a woman they can relax around and have fun with. I’m sorry to break it to you ladies but you have been sadly misinformed. Truth is, if you want to land a man you’ll have better luck wearing sweatpants and heading to McDonalds than getting dressed to the nines and heading to a fancy club. Men would rather date a woman who is dressed like a housewife than one who is dressed in an outfit that screams “high maintenance” (or whispers “prostitute”).

3 Drama is not aimed at you.

Get ready for some denial… women like drama. It’s true. If a woman doesn’t have drama in her life, she’ll create it. If you don’t think that’s true, either you aren’t paying attention or all of your Facebook friends are straight males. A woman who has small children undoubtedly has some unresolved baby-daddy drama. But smart men know that’s not a bad thing. There’s nothing better than knowing that your woman can get her fill of drama and you won’t have to be the bad guy. Women love a good fight and if there’s still animosity towards the ex, you might just be the recipient of some good revenge sex.

4 Knight in shining armor syndrome.

Any man who would get a woman knocked up and then walk away because it’s too much responsibility is a real sleaze bag who has set the bar pretty low. After fighting tooth and nail to get a few dollars in child support from the real father all you have to do is buy the kid an ice cream cone and you look like a saint. But this is basically just expanding on reason #1.

5 Time to yourself.

If there’s one thing a guy doesn’t want, it’s a woman who is constantly around. We want to do man-stuff once in a while or watch a football game without having to explain what’s happening. And we all know that Moms like to have some quality one-on-one time with their kids. That gives us time to ourselves… “Score!”

Now, you’re probably saying to yourself, “Hey wait, that’s only 5 reasons” and you’re absolutely right– congratulations for being good at math. So, what happened to the other 5 reasons? Well, the truth is that they don’t exist. In fact, it was quite a struggle to fabricate 5 reasons and my male friends were no help at all. Everyone I asked said that there are simply no good reasons to date a woman who has small children. But I felt it would be rude to point out that Tiffany was completely misinterpreting how men act around her when she is with her grandchildren.

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