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Online Dating Tips for Gay

Although Online Dating Tips for Men is a site primarily directly at straight men looking to meet women online, I guess it is only fair to include some dating tips for gay guys. I’m not sure what the percentage of gay men is in the world, but there are enough to warrant some Internet dating advice for gay blokes here.

We don’t discriminate, and want to help all our brothers out there find love, sex or whatever it is they seek in their relationships.

From what we can gather, online dating tips for gay men broadly cover the same ground as those that you find for non-gay people who use dating sites. However, gay men surely have some unique issues that need dealing with, judging by the amount of information on the ‘Net discussing this issue of gay online dating.

Here are our top four dating tips for gay men looking for guys online.

Pick the Right Online Dating Site

Should you become a member of a gay-only dating site or one that is open to all? Both are okay, especially if the open sites have enough gay male members to make it worth your while. Free dating sites like OkCupid make a point of being all inclusive. We recommend joining the larger and long-standing sites that have lots of members (of all kinds!)

Learn the Online Dating Abbreviations

There are lots of abbreviations used in online dating, so make sure you find out what they all mean. In gay online dating, there are some that you won’t find on straight dating sites (e.g. CD = cross dresser, TG = transgender, PnP = Party and Play etc.). If you learn all of this dating code, you can speed up the process of finding a man that suits you best.

Post the right Photos

On gay online dating, you can be a lot more explicit in the kind of photos you post compared to images you see on straight dating forums. However, be careful of posting raunchy pics together with facial images, as this may have a bearing on you career. It will also convey the idea that you are more promiscuous if you post lots of sexy pictures showing your cock, especially including erections and cum shots.

Be Sensible

One of the best dating tips for gay men is to be careful and use your common sense. Don’t go for any Tom, Dick or Harry that tells you you are cute or attractive. Let your friends know what you are up to and where you are going on dates with guys you have only met for the first time.

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