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Mate1 Review

In contrast to AdultFriendFinder, Mate1.com is not Cam Langdon’s favourite online dating website. If I was an American man looking to find a mate, then this site would not be on my list of best Internet dating services.

The Internet dating site Mate1.com Online DatingMate1.com hit the cyber world in around 2003, and since that year it membership account numbers have reportedly grown to over twenty million men and women. At one point it became the third most popular online dating venue in the United States.

Match1.com reckons it can line up possible matching women and men easily. Apparently, the ball is in your court, and if you want to find that special woman via online dating, then this is the site for you … not.

Technically, Match1.com can mix it with the best of them, but some of their strategies have been open to question, and complaints have been many and frequent. Especially dodgy is their practice of using online ambassadors (women) to lure guys in. Also, a large number of women use this online dating service merely as a tool to advertise their own services (raunchy web cam stuff, for example)

I’ve never been a member of this site, and perhaps there are folks who can speak well of it. If so, please send me your positive stories.

At this point, though, the negative seems to outweigh the positive.

One disgruntled member had this to say about Match1.com as a dating website:

“This is the most ridiculous and definitely the worst dating site I have ever been a member of. As soon as I joined, I was swamped by spammy profiles of girls from the most unlikely places. I should have been smart enough to realize this was suspect from the beginning. But no. I gave it the chance it did not deserve. So much phishing going on for personal details. I would not recommend Match1.com to anyone. Don’t bother with it.”

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