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Plenty of Fish Review

Plenty of Fish? If English is not your fisrt language, you may wonder why a dating site would have such a crazy name.

I remember when I used to get dumped by girlfriends when I was younger, my mother would say, “Don’t worry, there are plenty more fish in the sea!”

POF online dating site

Yes, plenty of fish refers to its huge membership of online daters. It definitely does not hint at an odorous vagina, as a friend of mine thought. Can you believe, a dating site for men who have a fetish for unwashed and stinky coochie?

What is POF?

So, back to the Internet Dating phenomenon that Plenty of Fish has become.

It was started by a guy called Markus Frind. You actually learn this pretty quick. The first thing you see on the home page is this humble quote: My name is Markus and I designed and built Plentyoffish

According to its own stats, POF had over 5 million uniques visitors in February 2020. Jesus, that’s a lot! It started to flex its muscles as a big time dating site back in 2004, when its owner and creator decided to pursue it as a full-time business. Seems this was a very sound business decision, as POF has become an internet dating monster! As at June 2010, it had 17 million registered users, which a few years ago was the entire population of Australia.

Some more stats about Plenty of Fish dating (according to various statistics):

  • No. 1 Dating site ranking in the UK
  • No. 1 Dating site ranking in Canada
  • No. 1 Dating site worldwide
  • No. 2 Site in the U.S. site by market share
  • home page claims 30,000 new singles per day (and I though rabbits were fast breeders)
  • operates singles dating sites in: Canada, UK, US, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, Spain, France, Italy and Germany

POF Free Services

The main thing that attracts people to start dating on POF is – it’s free!

SO, free services by Plenty of Fish include:

  • See online users, viewing their profiles, and sending messages
  • Seeing which users are located close to use
  • Being able to add users your Favourites to later text them
  • Using the forums

POF Subscription

Plenty of Fish has also a paid version of membership (which is heaps more productive to guys looking to get laid, by the way). There is an Upgrade url in the top left corner of the homepage.

So, what does paid membership include?

  • Seeing extended profiles
  • Knowing when your messages have been opened and seeing who has viewed your profile
  • Having the ability to send a limited number of virtual gifts every day
  • Seeing no advertisements
  • Improving your visibility in searches done by other users

How much does Plenty of Fish cost?

Sure, you can use it for free but there are also three paid options.

  • 2 months costs $19.99 per month
  • 4 months is $12.75 per month
  • 8 months is $9.99 per month

So, as you see, the more months included, the cheaper price is.

The Chemistry Predictor

A bit like eHarmony, POF also has a matchmaking side – it’s called a The Chemistry Predictor. Don’t know about you, but I always hated and flunked chemistry tests. I was more interested in Biology!

But getting back to POF! The Chemistry Predictor includes tests which reveals your personality specifics and needs as well as sexual preferences.

Those tests includes from 30 to 100 questions and the results are used to provide you with the best match.

Finding users Nearby

This option is paid but is very convenient to meet people who live close to you and then, actually meet them. It’s very similar to Tinder.

Also, there is a functionality to see users that want to actually meet up. As in Tinder, you can swipe left or right and pick, who you wanna date nearby.

POF Reviews

Now, I’ve never been a member of this site, but I have heard great things from guys who have. A dude called Beaver (see previous Cam Langdon blog post) reckons it is one of his best two for finding women to have sex with on dating sites.

So, all I can advise is give it a go and see! Nothing to lose with this baby.

In fact a users’ survey showed that members felt most people using the site were not looking for serious relationships, just a bit of casual fun. Actually, the name of the site – as mentioned above – does psychologically hint at that fact. In other words, if you have met and fucked one woman on this site, there are “plenty more fish in the sea.”

Other POF user reviews:

“I like the site, except more than half of the people that contact me are either pretending to be someone else entirely, or; they are a fake profile with a person contacting you from another continent such as Africa.”

“I love plenty of fish because, there’s a lot of diversity. I enjoy all the people on there. I feel like you can make some good friends. And there’s also the possibility of romance.”

“I really haven’t met anyone in person yet but maybe one day I will because iam so tired of being lonely in life.”

POF Pros and cons 

What is good about Plenty of Fish

  • It’s free, including messaging
  • Advanced search filters
  • A plenty of users, even in rural areas
  • You can see users that hve viewed your profile


  • You can face fake profiles there
  • There are more men that women there (the difference is up to 20%)
  • Many advertising in the free membership


How to hide your profile on POF?

How to cancel your PoF subscription?

On the left of your screen, you’ll see a ‘Remove profile’ button. Click on this and select ‘Delete your PoF profile’. Before you can complete the process you’ll need to enter your username, password, and supply a reason for wanting to leave.

How do you block someone on POF?

You can block a user you have a dialog with. To do this, click ‘Block’ on the bottom of your chat window.

What does a green dot mean on POF?

It means that a member is online.

Is POF free to send messages?

Yes, you can send messages in Plenty of Fish at not charge.

What does extended profile on POF mean?

It means a member’s profile with more information than a regular one. To see an extended profile, you need to upgrade your account.

How to test Plenty of Fish fake profile?

As there are many fake profiles there, here is a hint on how to check it. The easiest way is by placing a photo of a user in Google’s image search. If there are other people found under that photo, this is probably a fake account.

Is POF good?

Yes, generally, it’s a trustworthy dating website with great free functionality and a huge members base.

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