Red Hot Pie Review

What is Red Hot Pie?

Red Hot Pie (sometimes written together as RedHotPie) is a trail-blazing adult dating site. Not quite as old or big as Adult Match Maker, it nevertheless has pioneered many of the dating technology now used around the world. In a sense, Red Hot Pie has shown the other dating sites – even the biggest ones in America – exactly what to do!

Red Hot Pie offers various online dating membership deals, some with terrific features and options.

The guys at Red Hot Pie give their members plenty of incredible online opportunities to meet women and men from all around Australia (they are headquartered as a dating service in Western Australia).

How many members from Australia use Redhotpie app?

There are over 2 million users in Australia.

Redhotpie’s demographics of love

Most of Redhotpie’s membership are younger men and women near their 20’s. Almost 30% of all users are aged between 25 and 35.

  • Over 30% of users are from Australia.
  • Gender ratio: about 70% of men and 30%.
  • Many RedHotPie users are swingers couples.

Who is Red Hot Pie for?

Red Hot Pie does not hide its “naughty” orientation. This Australian dating service offers people who are sexually adventurous a marvelous chance to meet like-minded wicked guys and girls to hook up for anything from saucy to kinky!

On the other hand, members of Australia’s Red Hot Pie have been known to make the transition from casual dating for sexual fun to long-term arrangements. But the great thing is, these folks know from their experiences on Red Hot Pie the type of spicy and fun relationship they will have for many years to come. RHP also gives couples the opportunity to meet other couples who enjoy groups activities. The more the merrier!

Red Hot Pie Pricing

There are both free and paid versions of this dating app.

Red Hot Pie Free Version

When signing up as a free member, you can:

  • View basic profiles and send flirt messages.
  • Send messages to matched profiles and reply to messages from premium members
  • Use date finder
  • Join amateur pics

Red Hot Pie Paid Version

Basically are three types of paid membership plans (Premium, Premium Plus, and Platinum) and an additional one (Platinum Diamond Club) that gives you access to Redhotpie’s highest tier of membership.


This plan includes:

  • 5 messages per day
  • Restricted photos to view
  • Webcam chat – 2 cam views
  • Third search listing priority
PeriodPrice per Month (AUD)Total price (AUD)
1 Month46.8046.80
3 Months22.5067.50
6 Months15.7594.50
12 Months11.40136.80

Premium Plus

This plan includes:

  • 20 messages per day
  • Restricted photos
  • 2 cam views
  • Second search listing priority
  • View listed phone numbers.
  • Request Private Chats.
PeriodPrice per Month (AUD)Total price (AUD)
1 Month64.8064.80
3 Months31.5394.60
6 Months22.50 135.00
12 Months16.12193.50


This plan includes:

  • 50 messages per day
  • View restricted photos.
  • 3 cam views
  • First search listing priority
  • View listed phone numbers.
  • Request Private Chats.
  • Mailbox message highlighting.
  • Guest can message you and view your listed contact details
TimePrice per Month (AUD)Total price (AUD)
1 Month94.70 94.70
3 Months46.50139.50
6 Months33.00198.00
12 Months23.25279.00

There is also Platinum Diamond Club plan, which costs $500 for a year. This one includes a dedicated search and increased webcam viewing limit.

Red Hot Pie Pros & Cons

✔️ What I like
  • A plenty of special paid features to choose from.
  • Easy and quick sign up process.
  • Search filters.
❌ What I don’t like
  • Price is high
  • Many fake profiles.
  • Possible security issues.

Final verdict

Although Redhotpie doesn’t have some unique features, the simplicity and directness of this dating app is something that I really like.

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