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RSVP Review

When an Australian guy or girl needs to find a good partner, where should they go? There are many dating apps around there but not many are for aussies exclusively and there only a few trustworthy platforms. Among them is RSVP dating website which is a huge source for meeting someone online. So, let’s review this dating app.

What is RSVP dating website?

RSVP is Australia’s biggest online dating site in terms of absolute membership. The company is based in Sydney and was launched in 1997.

Unlike Adult Match Maker and Red Hot Pie, Australia’s RSVP does not push the “naughty” line, and sticks to more mainstream promotion of its online dating services.

Having said that, I do know of guys who have met some quite naughty women on RSVP in Australia, so don’t exclude that possibility.

RSVP has around 2 million users from Australia and it’s a very active place in terms of communication between its members.

As for the gender ratio, it’s about 50/50, so both men and women have plenty of choices here.

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RSVP Membership

I suppose the number one feature of RSVP is its sheer membership base. With so many women to meet online, you cannot possibly go wrong (in the long run at least!). If you want to meet some really friendly women, then head for Australian site RSVP. This dating service’s website boasts that it currently has 1.6 million singles on its books. That’s one helluva lot in a country like Australia with an overall population of around 20 million. It is kinda free, but not exactly.

Is RSVP free?

The initial sign up is free of charge and allows users to see site’s member and send kisses to show your interest. Also, as a free member, you can answer messages but cannot send it.

RSVP Paid Membership

The main advantage of the paid subscription is that you can send messages to the site’s users. To use this functionality, a user needs to buy “stamps.”

If you opt for the standout membership and also buy stamps, this will help to put you on the top of search results. Moreover, this allows you to decide whether to keep your profile visible or private and also filtering your messages.

RSVP Stamps

This is the virtual currency of the dating app. Stamps entitle you to send messages to other members. One stamp is equal to contacting one member unlimited times during a month.

CountPrice per stampTotal price
3 stamps$15$45
6 stamps$11.6$70
12 stamps$7.5$90
24 stamps$5$120

This currency allows to text others but don’t give acess to other functions. To have this, you can choose from two membership options: RSVP priority or RSVP private.

RSViP Priority Plan

This package is useful to get at the top of search results with highlighted profiles.

TimePrice per month Total price
1 month$14.90$14.90
3 months$11.63$49.89
6 months$9.98$59.88
12 months$6.65$79.8

RSViP Private Plan

This package is useful for controlling the visibility of your profile by choosing what members’ type can view it (all users or just best matching candidates).

TimePrice per month Total price
1 month$29.90$29.90
3 months$21.63$69.89
6 months$15.81$94.86
12 months$9.99$119.88

Who is RSVP for?

Its homepage tells you:

  • RSVP is for serious singles looking to start their next chapter.

You will also find that the women on RSVP tend to be more serious about meeting men for long-term relationships. Statistically, the women on this dating site are also more likely to be working in some kind of professional role.

  • Demographic: 50% of members are 35–55. 
  • Gender split:  50/50 woman and men.

This dating website is mainly targeted on people based in Australia.

RSVP Functionality and Features


You can find a person yourself with the use of filters like age, education etc. Moreover, the platform offers matches for you based on your preferences and historical data (this feature is called “Discover Engine'”).


To start a a conversation, first, you need to check whether the person is interested in you. To do this, you need to send a “kiss” which is available for free members.

Then, you can start communication, but this is a paid option, so you need to buy stamps for this (one message with a person = one stamp and then, messaging this person is free for a month). If you send a message and it’s not opened within 30 days, you get a refund.

Design and navigation

The website is easy to use and is very intuitive. Members’ profiles contain a decent amount of information needed to decide whether the person is worth contacting. Additionally, there are useful features like the Ideal Partner or Matching applications to narrow down your search (which I recommend as there are so many people on the site).

On the bottom of the website, you can find pages grouped by Australian cities:

  • Sydney
  • Melbourne
  • Brisbane
  • Perth
  • Adelaide

Also, there is a groping based on dating focus:

  • Single parent dating
  • Mature dating
  • Seniors dating
  • Asian dating
  • Chinese singles
  • Hispanic dating

RSVP Senior Dating

According to the companies stats, there is over 20% of adults who are over 50. So, people of 50, 60 years old and older members can easily find a partner online.

RSVP Gay Dating

While the website’s main focus is on traditional woman+man dating, there is also a chance to meet a gay or lesbian there. When you sign up, you choose who you are looking for. Based on that, you can find the best partner among homosexual members. Also, the company has live events for gays and lesbians in Australian cities.

User RSVP Reviews

Here are more of RSVP dating website reviews:

“I signed up under Sydney because their site would not accept my usa postal code or country, sent my photos via their email. But told my account was suspended due to my ip address was not Australia.” Tony H.

“This site will make you feel like Australians are racists. If you are not in the area, its bye bye and profile gets deleted like your breathe.”

Is RSVP Safe?

The company claims that its support team manually checks all profiles of new members and photos submitted.

How to identify fake accounts on RSVP?

Here is also a piece of advice to avoid fake members:
1. Avoid people that straight away want to communicate outside the site
2. Avoid people who start conversation with : “how you’re doing”; nobody talks like that in Australia
3. Gmail address they provide you with can also be a sign of fake accounts.

Pros & Cons of RSVP

What I like

  • Many new members sign up each day
  • Plenty of choices for those who are based in Australia
  • Free to reply to users’ messages
  • Members can only contact each other once their profile is mostly completed
  • Ability to filter out inactive members’ profiles
  • Single events organized in different parts of Australia

What I don’t like

  • The app is a bit complicated and looks cluttered
  • Difficult paid subscription scheme
  • No membership type that gives you complete access to all members at any time

RSVP or eHarmony?

RSVP is designed for Australian-based users while eHarmony has users worldwide. They are both designed for people looking for serious relationships. eHarmony has a more tailored approach with its really detailed questioneere.

eHarmony is much more expensive as it costs $49.90 per month.

Is RSVP a good dating website?

This app is trustworthy and good for those who are in Australia. However, for those who are not based there. Also, despite the website filters out fake accounts, there are still some.

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